♦ PrimeBILT ♦ Prime Built Custom Homes.

Bring your drawings, sketches, and ideas to PrimeBILT ... Whether you are looking for a layout that is compact and personal, or large and multi-generational.  Customizing a house plan from your unique design from scratch is an absolute must.  We understand that your family is different, in personalities and sizes - and it’s the shared spaces inside

a house that makes it ... YOUR HOME.

♦ Commercial CAD Services.

Custom Homes, Single-Family Housing, Multi-Family Residential, Architectural Styles, Log Engineering

PrimeBILT provides CAD on HVAC Ductwork, Piping and Plumbing.  We use 3-D isometric views, section views and 3-D Animation Videos.  BIM services for all aspects of 3-D Modeling.  We pride ourselves with service, accuracy to our clients. Projects include: residences,  commerce centers, schools, hospitals, universities, military, government offices, casinos, etc.

♦ Industrial CAD Services.

Custom Homes, Exterior Design, Roofing, Home, Ranch, Resort Architectural Styles, NV CAD Engineering

PrimeBILT converts your ideas and concepts into highly accurate 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings.  We offer Industry-aligned CAD Services with a proven CAE team of qualified engineers and drafters. PrimeBilt delivers high quality, accurate scheduling and estimation of project requirements, achieved through accuracy for the best returns on your investments.

♦ PrimeBILT ♦ Architectural CAD Services ♦

PrimeBILT:  We are a growing  professional engineering organization that offers drafting services on CAD to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers, among other construction professionals.

PrimeBILT:  Our Architectural CAD professionals have many years of experience with AutoCAD, Revit, BIM, MEP, and MicroStation.  We transform drawings, plans, blueprints, and PDF files into layered CAD files.

PrimeBILT:  Leverages a highly-educated, experienced, and professional drafting team with experience in government facilities, oil & gas, commercial establishments, and infrastructure.

PrimeBILT: We are committed to meeting your deadlines and being an affordable service. We are efficient, experienced, and priced competitively.

PrimeBILT:  We understand the requirements and specifications – our focus to detail will ensure that your projects are completed on time and within budget.  We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our ability to deliver results. We have proven a methodology to complete our architectural and engineering projects. We blend human capital and technology to effect an affordable architectural CAD service.

PrimeBilt:  We deliver a final product that is dimensionally accurate and layered in AutoCAD format.  Precise attention to engineering practices.  Architects  and Engineers work with precise specifications.